Micro hydro power project civil works acceptance requirements

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Micro hydro power project civil works acceptance requirements

Micro hydro turbine generator installation acceptance requirements

Micro hydro project power house parts

  1. The hydro turbine generator room should be set on the position without water immersion when rising flood.
  2. Hydro turbine generator set installation should be firm and stable, power house should be dry, ventilation, fluent drainage.
  3. Between the hydro turbine generator and pipeline connection place should be installed expansion joints for unit overhaul.

Micro hydro project Forebay pool

  1. Micro hydro project Forebay pool should be built in a safe location, the foundation is strong, and can’t build in the landslide area.
  2. Micro hydro project Forebay bottom should keep the sand flushing hole and water inlet pipe should keep 20cm distance from the bottom to be in order to prevent the sediment sand into the pipe and wear the turbine.
  3. Inlet pipe setting depth should be immerged by water at least more than 50cm.
  4. Micro hydro project Forebay pool safety height should be higher more than the highest water level 30cm.
  5. Micro hydro project Forebay pool should have a spillway channel.

Micro hydro project Water channel section

  1. Water channel should guarantee the normal water pass to the forebay, channel height should have a safety high of 10 ~ 20 cm from the water, in order to guarantee the flood season would not damage the channel by the flooding water.
  2. Channel slope ratio should be within 3/1000, and not washing the canal bottom too much to prevent mud sand sediment in the forebay.

The installation of pressure pipe part

  1. The pipe should be selected in accordance with the micro hydro turbine manufacturer’s suggestion and rationally according to the hydraulic calculation method for the selection of hydraulic pipe diameter.
  2. Try to keep straight pipe installation and try to reduce the bending; straight pipe can reduce friction head loss than bend pipe.
  3. The length more than 50 meters steel tube (big temperature difference district figure is 30 meters) should install an expansion joint for connection.
  4. If using plastic pipe as the pressure pipe installation, plastic pipe should be buried underground to avoid the ultraviolet radiation ageing. Especially frozen region should be buried under frozen soil layer.
  5. The connection between pressure pipe and power house should set up a strong and reliable anchor block pier.

The telegraph pole part

  1. The electricity line pole construction must meet your local government electrical safety standards.
  2. Bare wire or exposed wire cannot be accepted for the micro hydropower project.
  3. The voltage drop between your micro hydro generator and the user power facility should be not greater than 10% (for 220v as sample, not less than 200 volts).
  4. The pole transmission lines should be taken lightning protection measures; lightning arrester grounding must be good.
  5. The lines to every family should install electricity insurance and knife switch.
  6. The lamp holder, switch and socket product standard enough to ensure the safety in power.
  7. The electricity line installation specification.
  8. The user should have electricity using safety knowledge for home

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