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HS Dynamic Energy offer Micro hydro generator

We mainly supply Micro hydro electricity power generator such as Francis TurbinePelton TurbineTurgo TurbineKaplan TurbineTubular turbine and Propeller turbine,  together with Speed Governor, Generator, Valves, Excitation system, Control panel, battery, transformer, off-grid dump load and other accessories to make your home micro hydro generator power plant.

Micro Hydro generator project Feasibility Study & Site Survey& Project design&Products manufacture&Products  delivery&Installation guide&Commissioning

  • A detailed project survey on your micro hydro project site.
  • Flow and Head measurement of the hydropower project.
  • Review of off-grid power home usage or grid connection options.
  • Assessment of site suitability and potential scheme layout.
  • Estimate of the system costs (Design, Civil, Machinery & Installation Costs).
  • Draft Construction Method.
  • Supply Micro Hydro turbine generator and accessories unit.
  • Supply of Site Engineer and Project Management overview.
  • Supervision of micro hydro generator delivery, installation and connection to grid.
  • Commissioning and creation of an information pack for the scheme.
  • Carry out training for Client.


micro hydro generator factory of HS Dynamic Energy

HS Dynamic Energy is a high-tech renewable energy equipment supplier and power project solution provider since 2007.

Our micro hydro generator factory mainly supply water turbine generator system like Pico turbine generator , micro hydro turbine generator and Mini hydro turbines generator for our customers far from Grid electricity and need generating electricity from water turbine, also some customer want to build a micro hydro generator plant and sell the electricity to local Grid.

Customer made hydroelectric power station solution or home off-grid water turbine generator for personal power need is our strong point, our micro hydro generator ranging from 300W to 1000KW for your hydropower project.


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30kw Propeller micro hydro generator from HS Dynamic Energy


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