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buy suitable micro water turbine generator

Micro hydropower generator Micro hydro generator/alternator specification The micro hydro generators include asynchronous generators, synchronous generator, and permanent magnet generator, and it also with carbon brush generator and brushless alternator, [...]

Micro Pelton turbine

Micro hydroelectric turbine series- Micro Pelton turbine / Micro impulse turbine Micro pelton turbine or micro impulse turbine is mainly composed of turbine nozzles, turbine wheel or runner, supporting housing [...]

project site selection of micro water power generator station

The construction of micro water power generator station- Find a good water resource Micro water power generator system requires two basic elements: one is water Flow (m3/s or liter/second); two is [...]

You have to do such civil works when you want to make a water turbine project

A micro hydro power project includes A micro hydropower turbine system includes: a water source – a continuous flow of water such as a creek, stream, waterfall, small dam or spring-fed dam, with a drop in [...]

Micro water turbine generator Parameters

What are hydraulic Head, Flow rate and Capacity of micro water turbines? Basic working parameters of micro water turbine generator are: water Hydraulic Head and Flow rate, Rotation speed, Output capacity and Efficiency. Hydraulic Head of  micro water [...]