Trash rack of micro hydropower project

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Trash rack of micro hydropower project

The importance of the trash rack of micro hydropower project

It should be set up the trash rack before the water inlet of your mini hydropower system or micro hydropower system, trash rack is used in preventing blockage and harm of water pressure pipeline and hydropower turbine runner from the downstream of drift, branches, leaves and debris such as dirt when floods, (winter in cold area with ice), in order to avoid this kind of contaminants into your hydraulic turbine system and affect your hydro turbine operation, a trash rack is very important for you.

Small hydropower station water intake trash rack is generally composed of grid frame bars and the measuring plane metal grille.

For a wall or tunnel type inlet of a hydro power station, trash rack should be set 60 ° to 70 ° Angle of tilt arrangement with the water surface. For the dam type inlet, vertical trash rack setting will be suitable.

The main content of the trash rack setting is: to determine the plane area of the grille, grid spacing, grid box size and bearing, etc. when determining the net area of trash rack bar surface in the water, the speed of the water across the trash rack should be controlled around 1 meter per second, if the velocity of the water flow is too fast, it will not only increase the head loss and drifter impact on grid surface, but also will make it difficult to remove the dirt from your trash rack.

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