power adjustment and generator protection of automation control panel

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power adjustment and generator protection of automation control panel

Micro hydro turbine generator automation control panel- auto power adjustment

Clients from HS Dynamic Energy can choose different mode of auto power adjustment based on their requirements, as per the following mode to choose the control panel to form their micro hydropower station low-voltage unit automatic device.

  • Mode I: the water level signals separate into four levels then input into the micro-computer controller, the clients install the appropriate liquid level switch in the reservoir or the forebay, reflecting the High-Low position of the water level. In high water level, the control units do full load power generation to obtain good economic income; in the middle water level (second level), automatically reduce the output power to the set value; in the low water level, automatically shut down the system.
  • Mode II: The active power adjustment is based on users setting power value, the device automatically adjusts the hydro turbine guide vane to make the power steady in the setting value, when the water level dropped to a certain level, the generator’s power declines accordingly, then the system with hydraulic governor will open guide vane larger, when the guide vanes reach the upper limit travel, the guide vanes still open large, the system alarm signal will come, if the water level is still in the decline status, with the generators power falling to less than half of the setting value, the system will start protection function to separate circuit breaker, and quickly close the guide vane or nozzle valve and start shutdown processing.
  • Mode III: According to the 4 ∽ 20mA continuous water level detector’s signal, automatically adjust the power, do the full load power generation when water level at the upper limit, automatically shut down when water level in the lower limit, the middle is separated into five sections as per the water level’s height difference and automatically adjust the power.

Micro hydro turbine generator automation control panel- Generator Protection Function

For a hydropower system, generator protection function is really very important; here we take some function to explain below:

  • Quick-break Protection: 5 ~ 50A, delay 0S, protection of the outlet operation and tripping.
  • Definite time over-current protection: 0.5 ~ 10A, delay can be set at 0 ~ 3S, protect action and trip.
  • Over Voltage Protection: Voltage can be set at 0 ~ 560V, Delay 0 ~ 3S, protect action and trip.
  • Low Voltage protection: Voltage less than 0.7 times rated value, delay 0 ~ 3S, protect action and trip.
  • Over-speed (Over-clocking) protection: Frequency exceeding 140%, delay 0S, protect action and trip.

All of the above protection setting and action delay can be set by the user. When encountering any accident, the hydropower station automation control device sounds the alarm and issue trip command, make the circuit breaker trip, while quickly reducing the opening of the guide vane, if appear the unit over-speed, the controller will release the water resistance or make the deflector movement, thus quickly reduce the rotation speed of your hydropower turbine and generator.

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