adjusting the governor

adjusting the governor

Hydro turbine governor knowledge – adjusting the governor based on need.

In the operation of the hydropower unit, why should the guide vane opening limit position be often adjusted?

When the hydropower unit in operation, the guide vane opening limitation generally should be placed on the biggest output limit position, this position should be changed based on the upstream water level.

When the opening limitation is too large, and the upstream water level is high, if the hydropower unit to adjust the output, it is easy to overload; when reservoir upstream water level is low, it is easy to make the sharp decline in the efficiency of the hydro turbine, and produce unit vibration.

When the opening limitation is too small, it could not make maximum output of the hydropower unit. So, the maximum guide vane opening limitation should not less than 95% of the rated open degree, so as not to reduce the efficiency of the turbine.

When hydro turbine unit is to start and connect with the power grid, if found the rotation speed is not stable, you can change guide vane opening limitation to make the unit stability; after the hydro generator connect with power grid, you can place the opening limitation on the location of the turbine maximum output.

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