Line testing and preparation of commissioning

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Line testing and preparation of commissioning

Micro hydro turbine generator debugging instruction- Line testing and preparation

Line testing

   The Line testing is mainly testing the power, testing whether there is a short circuit in the generator voltage three-phase, or between generator three-phase and network three-phase, or in the network three-phase, or between the generator three phase and system power, or between the network three phase and system power, or among the system powers and testing every plug and every terminal block.

Preparation before “Start”

  1. Testing if the network has electricity, it can’t start to generate when the network without electricity.
  2. Testing whether the governor is abnormal.
  3. Testing whether the guide vane or nozzle valve is fully closed, if not, please turns it off to the fully closed position.
  4. Testing whether the damper brake is resetting. If not, please reset it;
  5. Testing whether the circuit breaker is breaking. If it’s closing, let it break off. If it’s breaking, but the indicator light of the integrated automatic screen display the closing status, please test whether the circuit breaker auxiliary contactor is bad or not.
  6. Turning on the valve;
  7. Turning on the generator cooling water system and bearing water cooling system.

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