Water way construction of hydropower

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Water way construction of hydropower

The civil works of home micro hydropower station -expansion joint, anchor block, buttress pier

Expansion joint of micro hydropower plant

For reducing the stress and deformation of steel pressure pipe cased by temperature changing, we often install expansion joint for pipe axial relative movement when the temperature changes of the pipe. Expansion joint position is often installed in each section of the upper pipe side, because the water pressure is relatively small than other side. In micro hydropower station if pressure pipe is 3 meters length and not more than 24 meters each, you can set your micro hydropower pipe without expansion joints, because the rubber gasket can work as the same function. In the connection place of water turbine with steel tube, for more convenient maintenance and protect your micro hydro turbine, install the expansion joints is a good choice.

Anchor block of micro hydropower project

The function of the anchor block is pipe fixed and do not allow the pipe with any direction of movement.

The installation site of the anchor block is usually at the connection of forebay pool and pressure pipe, connection between pressure pipe and power house, and pressure pipe bending part. If there is a long straight pressure pipe, every 50 to 70 meters should set an anchor block to fix the pipe.

Because the anchor block is under the axial force and the normal force of the pressure pipe, therefore, it need to have enough tensile strength of the anchor bar to hold the weight of the pipe, and finally avoiding anchorage block in the action of moving or capsized. In addition, you still must consider its mechanical strength and bearing capacity of foundation.

Buttress pier of the micro hydropower plants

Mostly open type pressure pipe support general called “piers.” in order to adapt to the pipe expansion by temperature changing, this piers is to allow the pipe sliding along the axis. Buttress material generally made with concrete or cement block stone.

For maintenance convenience, pipe bottom should be 20 ~ 30 cm distance from the earth.

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