Power house and Tailrace channel

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Power house and Tailrace channel

The civil works of home energy hydropower station -Power house and Tailrace channel

The powerhouse of the micro hydropower plant is furnished with hydro turbine, hydro power generator, distributor control panel and other auxiliary equipment; it is the last procedure to convert the hydraulic power into electricity. So powerhouse design should be reasonable, easy to operation management, compact size, and conform to the economy. We should pay attention to the following principles:

1) Power house should be settled on the position immune from immersion when rising flood.

2) Hydropower turbine and generator set installation should be firm; power house should be dry, ventilation, smooth drainage.

Micro hydro turbine is usually small in size, small water flow, not too high head, not too big capacity, and its equipments are simple in the power house. Generally home micro hydropower generator under 1000w, its powerhouse construction can be simple, as long as it can accommodate the equipment and protest the equipment from rain and other bad weather is enough. More than 1500 watts of power plant, you can design the power house area according to the size of the unit and convenient maintenance. If there is no automatic control device of above 30 kilowatts units, you should consider the personnel on duty room as well.

Tailrace channel of micro hydro generator

Tailrace channel is the drainage channel after the hydro turbine draft tube. For micro pelton turbine and micro turgo turbine, tailrace channel function is only drain away the water from the turbine, there is no other requirement; For reaction type of micro hydro turbine (Francis turbine and axial flow or Propeller turbine or Kaplan turbine or Tubular turbine), its tailrace has certain requirements, building must be set strictly accordance with the requirements of HS Dynamic Energy or your micro hydropower turbine manufacturer and supplier, or it will be great influence on the unit output, seriously cannot generate electricity from your unit.

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