Problem on running of hydroelectric

Problem on running of hydroelectric

Micro hydroelectric generating set problem on running condition.

We will encounter some problem when we open the hydro turbine generator, when people encounter one of the following circumstances, you should immediately stop the hydro turbine and deal with it:

  1. abnormal sound from the turbine generator or a strong shock of the unit in the operation of the hydroelectric generating set.
  2. the smoke or spark come from the exciter and the generator stator or rotor.
  3. commutator brush or slip ring has a strong spark.
  4. the stator temperature exceeds the permissible value (usually taking insulation level as standard, such as B level, this valve is 80 degree), and after the lower load running, if the temperature continued to rise, stop the units.
  5. each bearing with high temperature (more than a specified value, normally is 80 degree for micro hydro turbine generator), after adding lubricating oil and its temperature continues to rise, stop the units.
  6. without shunt switch, transmission line problem and cannot be repaired at the moment.
  7. found the drive belt or joint loosen.
  8. the turbine speed suddenly drops, or the turbine speed slow down or unstable during running condition, you cannot control the rotation speed of the hydraulic turbine by governor/ wicket gate.
  9. found that mechanical equipment damage or personal accident and natural disaster.
  10. turbine with serious water leakage, pressure pipe burst condition.

All of these conditions occur, immediately stop the turbine and check, and after correcting defects as soon as possible to restore power, and record the problem on the working diary.

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