Load test of microhydro commissioning

Load test of microhydro commissioning

Micro hydro power turbine generator running and maintenance-Filling water and commissioning

After the preparation work, then open the water inlet valve, water turbine water filling experiment was carried out.

1, checking whether there is any leakage on pressure pipes.

2, slowly open water inlet valve to check whether there is any leakage on the turbine parts.

Micro hydropower turbine generator commissioning

Micro hydro turbine generator commissioning generally includes no-load test running at low speed, no-load running at rated speed, load respectively 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% running. Check and record the commissioning data.

  • The no-load test running at low speed should be carried out after the water filling test, Slowly open the valve, pay attention to the bearing temperature rising, noise sound, leaking and vibration, etc., any problem found, client should be quickly try to deal with it and reply to your hydro turbine manufacturer or supplier.
  • No-load rated speed test can be start after no-load low speed test, you can gradually open the valve to increase the turbine speed gradually to the rated speed, to observe the checking the unit again.

The electrical part testing items as follows when turbine reach rated speed:

  1. If generator with excitation device, checking whether excitation device can automatically voltage build-up. If cannot build-up, try the battery magnetization.
  2. For three-phase alternator, checking whether symmetrical of three-phase voltage.
  3. Checking whether the correct indication of the voltmeter and ammeter from your hydropower control panel.
  • Start the load test running after no-load rated speed test, client can gradually increase the load by 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% for the load commissioning (load can be substituted for electric heating resistor or dump load units) respectively, observe the examination of the units.
  • Finally client can do a sudden load rejection testload shedding test of your micro hydro generator, also by 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% load separately, checking whether the voltage stabilizer can work normally.

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