Trash rack installation

Trash rack installation

The civil works of mill micro hydropower station-Trash rack installation

The main function of trash rack of your micro water power project is to block stones, roots and other debris from the channel, to prevent the turbine and pipe from damage of trash. Installed a hydraulic turbine generator system must set up a trash rack (figure 1) in front of the inlet, hole size of trash rack is 1/3 of the turbine nozzle(here just take turgo turbine and pelton turbine for example). To ensure the clutter of entering trash to the turbine does not plug and block the nozzle. The trash rack area should be three times as much as inlet pipe size, it can guarantee the water turbine with enough water for normal working condition when part of trash rack is blocked trash, and reduce the times of trash disposal.

figure 1trash rack in Forebay

If channels with too much trash of your micro hydro power station, you need to set the second trash rack in your forebay. Power plant managers should often clean up the trash rack to guarantee your home micro hydropower on good running condition.

The trash rack should be placed in a certain angle way (figure 2) installation, don’t put 90 ° degrees of vertical with the water surface, 90 ° degrees was likely to cause channels blocked by debris.


figure 2trash rack of microhydro

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