The pressure forebay of hydro turbine generator project

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The pressure forebay of hydro turbine generator project

The civil works of micro hydropower station- The pressure forebay

Forebay civil work of hydro turbine generator

Pressure forebay or pool (figure picture), it is connected with the water diversion channels and the pressure pipe (penstock). In micro hydropower station, the role of the forebay is very important, its function below:

1) guide the water from the water channel to the pressure pipes, if there are several sets of micro hydropower generator system, and respectively by several pressure pipe water supply, water will be allocated to each pressure pipe in the forebay;

2) Use trash rack in the forebay to prevent the roots, weeds and mud into the pressure pipe and water turbine, prevent entrance pressure pipe freezing in winter;

3) When the pressure pipe with accident or turbine maintenance, we can block the water enter into pressure pipeline;

4) It can adjust the water volume to your hydro power turbine is a short time period, Make sure when system start and load change condition, small variations in the upstream water level;

5) It can keep excess water go through the overflow mouth (spillway), and ensure stable normal water flow and water head of your micro hydropower station;

6) Pour away the sediment like sand and mud from the channel by spillway to reduce your turbine machine wear.

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