About Us

   HS Dynamic Energy is a high-tech renewable energy equipment supplier and project solution provider. 

    We mainly supply hydro power system, wind power system, solar power system and other renewable energy facilities.

    We mainly supply Hydraulic turbines system , Micro hydropower system such as micro turgo turbine, micro axial turbine, Mini hydro turbine system such as Kaplan Turbine, Propeller turbine, Francis Turbine and Pelton Turbine, Turgo Turbine and so on, also with Speed Governor, Generator, Valves, Excitation system and its other accessories.


    Our solar system including solar water heater, solar collector, solar battery, solar charger controller, solar panel and other solar accessories.


    Our wind power system including such as generator,  inverter blades, yaw shaftrocker, power wire, tail-wing, tail-tower, steel rope, battery connection, screw, turnbuckle, shackle, tower, pedestal and its other accessories.


    Our silent diesel and gasoline generator with high quality and competitive price can fully meet your need. So as our screw air compressor can be your best choice.


    We also offer service for our local company for sourcing industry product for their production line oversea.


    We would serve you with the power industry latest information, innovation, huge chance in China power market etc.  We provide you with the optimum products design and to value your business choice.