HS Dynamic Energy is a high-tech renewable energy equipment manufacturer, supplier and project solution provider in China.

Our products with Micro hydro turbines system, Wind power generator system, Solar power system and other equipment facility sets.

We mainly supply Micro hydropower turbines, Mini hydro turbines, Customer made hydro electric Alternating system and other renewable energy facilities based on our client’s need, our micro hydro products ranging from 300W to 1000KW for your project


HS Dynamic Energy not only offer the regular power system for our wholesale customer, but also offer customer made renewable energy generating set for our design order customer, we will make the design and manufacture the micro turbina hidroeléctrica (micro turbogénératrice hydroélectrique) and other renewable energy facility based on client’s local site condition. Our energy solutions tailored to meet the needs of wholesale, large commercial and industrial customers, and personal design customers.

We offer expertise in all aspects of Chinese power markets. From generation development to long-term energy supply to asset management services and more, we are capable of managing the full range of its customers’ energy needs.